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~ A Shaman's Journey ~

The Soul Chakra emanates all around us like a radiant sun...we've seen this illustrated as a golden halo over Christ and as a bright light surrounding Buddha. The soul extends luminous threads that connect us to rivers and forests and to the place where we were born and where we now live. These threads have the innate ability to connect us to our personal history and destiny. These are called time lines, to heal the past and influence the future.

Outside of the luminous energy field exists the Spirit Chakra which is at the Center of All Creation
and corresponds to that which is infinite.

A Shaman is able to interact with this grid, and use the practice of journeying to "dream the world into being" participating consciously in the evolution of life on Earth. This allows us to journey into the past to heal traumas, and into the future to retrieve our destiny.

Welcome! I invite you to read what I can offer as a Healer, Rev, Teacher, and Mentor.

Many blessings on your journey

Francesca Vitale, Rev, RPP, CRE, Founder and Director of Thee Vital Force Foundation


As a practicing Shaman and Holistic Wellness Educator, Francesca offers spirit medicine as therapy for many underlying conditions.
Shamanic Healing is gaining interest in the conventional medicine realm.

X-rays, Blood Tests or Prescription drugs are not part of Francesca’s medicine.
Instead she communicates with Spirits, travels with the aid of “power” animals and journeys far distances into the outer dimensions.

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